Watch The Trailer!

Watch The Trailer

We are sooo excited to launch our BRAND new movie - Ayahuasca Source for the Soul!!! Thats right, we have once again teamed up with Jason Shurka and the team at UNIFYD to bring you this amazing creation!!!

Join Pete and Roxy as they take you on a wild journey of self-discovery and deep sacred healing in Costa Rica! Be captivated by their personal experience navigating the plant medicine - "Ayahuasca" and help share education about what to expect, how to prepare and insights into getting the most out of an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies have been used for thousands of years to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments in indigenous cultures. The plant medicine experience provides deep insight into the nature of the universe, increases self-awareness, and will unlock new layers of consciousness.

They say when a person is ready to meet with the medicine, the medicine will find you... this may be that sign you have been searching for!

To further celebrate our latest movie,

"Ayahuasca - Source for the Soul", Pete & Roxy will be holding a FREE 60 minute LIVE call where they talk about the beautiful sacred medicine in detail, learning all about the ceremony, how to prepare and a deeper conversation into intentions to get the most out of a journey with the plant medicine.

Pete and Roxy have sat with mother ayahuasca 18 (Roxy) & 19 (Pete) times, and are sharing their experience to help inspire others to heal and elevate their own consciousness.

The medicine changed their life forever and they are so deeply touched by mother ayahuasca that they feel called to be an ambassador to help heal the souls on this planet for the great awakening.

You are invited to learn and educate yourself on this tangible healing modality and get the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about locations to sit in ceremony, what to expect in amore deeper conversation and how to navigate the medicine!

Are you being called to the Medicine?!!!

You are INVITED to Costa Rica with us!!!

Ayahuasca Retreat October 2024 - is a sacred retreat resort, where you will go deep within your own soul with the medicine, Ayahuasca. This is for those souls looking to transform, elevate and go deep into themselves for TRANSFORMATION!

Pete and Roxy are inviting you to come along and be in our group to receive these healings and will be simply a "guide" and a "familiar face".

If you are feeling called to sit with the medicine or learn more, we highly recommend you attend our FREE Ayahuasca Masterclass or email us for the recordings so you are prepared and can start feeling into the groups energy!

A lot of lightworkers feel alone on this journey, so we listened to this call, and have arranged for a group to visit Rythmia Life Advanement Center in Costa Rica.

Reference our Group Name

"Pete and Roxy" for special rates :)

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