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Ayahuasca Retreat - Costa Rica!

20th October 2024

You are invited to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica with us!!! We are heading to Rythmia to sit with the sacred plant medicine, pacha mama in Costa Rica on the 20th October 2024!

If you have feel called to the medicine, keep reading!

Rythmia is an all-inclusive, luxury medically-licensed plant medicine center located in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica. They offer a 7-night program.

You may arrive on Saturday, 19th October 2024 or Sunday, 20th October, 2024 as a member of the Pete and Roxy group for group discount!

Pete and Roxy travelled to Costa Rica in November 2019 & last year 2023, right before the great awakening hit the ground running globally! We spent this time healing and going deep into our soul and this is the catalyst for Awakening Education being born!

We invite you to this sacred retreat, to go deep within your own soul with the medicine, ayahuasca. This is for those souls looking to transform, elevate and go deep into themselves.

Pete and Roxy are inviting you to come along and be in our group to receive these healings and will be simply a "guide" and a "familiar face". A lot of lightworkers feel alone on this journey, so we listened to this call and have arranged for a group to visit rythmia and also get a group discount.

Our Ayahuasca Ceremonies are only offered to guests who are medically cleared. Please be aware that there is a Fee$ plant medicine fee due in cash once you are medically cleared by our medical staff. This would cover any and all plant medicine ceremonies that you would participate in for the duration of your stay. Women expecting to be on your menstrual cycle during your stay, please let us know ahead of time

‘The Answer is You’ program is a journey of deep immersion into the teachings of universal principles designed by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center and co-author of the book, ‘The Secret’. Here you uncover the keys to harmonizing your Life Structures which heals the relationship with yourself and in turn begins to heal the relationship you have with others.

The Dead Sea Cleanse is the most progressive and comfortable treatment in the world for cleansing the internal organs and digestive system. This improves the function of all organs of the body resulting in more energy and vitality.

About Your Miracle is a class designed to help open your mind to the realistic expectation of having a life-shifting event or awareness that can and will occur while participating in the Rythmia program modalities. Learn how to set intentions and be open to a dramatic change that will occur in your life while focusing on your personal emotionally inward process. This class is designed to help people identify the item of the highest growth potential, so they can position themselves to receive a miracle.

Please note Pete and Roxy will be at the retreat, however they are not facilitators of the retreat. You will have to connect directly to Rythmia for the price and details are to be placed directly to them.

Pete and Roxy are offering support and warm up zoom calls to prepare you for this journey.

Connect with Daniel our concierge from Rythmia to request room style prices and to lock in this trip, don't forget to mention the group "Pete and Roxy" for the group discount :)

Click to book a call time



The Rythmia Way program is an experience fusing ancient wisdom and modern techniques for healing and creating a life you love. For more info visit:


The Ayahuasca Ceremonies we offer have been used for thousands of years to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments in indigenous cultures. The plant medicine experience provides deep insight into the nature of the universe, increases self-awareness, and will unlock new layers of consciousness.


  • 7 Nights of Luxury Resort Accommodations

  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • 21 Farm-to-table Organic Meals–snacks & juices available at all times

  • 3 "The Answer is You" Classes designed by Michael Beckwith

  • 1 "About Your Miracle" Class by Gerard Powell

  • 6 Yoga Classes

  • 1 Meditation Class

  • 2 Hydro Colonic Cleanses(The Dead Sea Cleanse)

  • 1 Swedish Massage

  • 3 Rythmic Breathwork Classes

  • 1 Rythmia Way Program

  • 2 Medical Evaluations performed by Staff Physicians

  • 1 Dance of Liberation™ Movement Ceremony Designed by Parashakti

  • Unlimited access to volcanic mud baths, steam room, jacuzzi, saltwater pool, and fitness center

  • Various seminars with visionary speakers


  • Junior Executive Suite - This room has one king bed, one private bathroom, and one sitting room for one guest.

  • Two Person Shared Junior Executive Suite - This room has one king bed, one bathroom, and one sitting area, for two guests.

  • Solo Private King Room - This room has one king bed and one private bathroom for one guest.

  • Two Person Shared King Room - This room has one king bed and one bathroom, for two guests.

  • Two Person Double Queen Room - This room has two queen beds and one bathroom shared by two guests. If you are coming solo, we will pair you with another person of the same gender.

  • Three Person Twin Room - This room has three twin beds and one bathroom shared by three guests of the same gender.

Please connect with Daniel at Rythmia for Retreat Prices (mention Pete and Roxy Group for group discount)




Your flights to and from Costa Rica. Do NOT book your flights until your reservation with Rythmia is confirmed and payment received

The Plant Medicine Fee is due in cash upon arrival.

The Round Trip Shuttle Fee


Our shuttle service operates exclusively out of Liberia International Airport(LIR) or Hilton Garden Inn (Approximately 1.5 hours from the center) Rythmia offers round-trip shuttle service to and from Liberia Airport.

Flights landing at San Jose International are advised to catch an additional local flight from San Jose International Airport (SJO) to Tamarindo Airport (TNO- 25 min from the center). Book via




You will then need to arrange your own transportation to Rythmia.

Arrival information must be provided at least 72hrs prior to arrival.

Please note we DO NOT arrange shuttle pick-up from San Jose (SJO) or Tamarindo (TNO)

Do NOT book your flights until your reservation with Rythmia is confirmed and payment received.

If you are departing on a Saturday, please try to schedule a flight that departs after 3:00 pm. Rythmia’s closing circle is Saturday from 9 to 11 am and we will need ample time to drive you to the airport in order to arrive early enough for your international flight.


All reservations canceled before your arrival date are non-refundable and will receive a credit toward future stays.

Reservations that have been rescheduled or transferred three times or more will incur a $200 surcharge.

If the initial $500 deposit is not used or converted to a permanent appointment within one year of its making it will be forfeited.

To book your reservation and complete your medical pre-screening, please schedule an appointment using this link


. Daniel will call you and secure your reservation.

We are sooo excited to launch our BRAND new movie - Ayahuasca Source for the Soul!!!

Thats right, we have once again teamed up with Jason Shurka and the team at UNIFYD to bring you this amazing creation!!!

Join Pete and Roxy as they take you on a wild journey of self-discovery and deep sacred healing in Costa Rica! Be captivated by their personal experience navigating the plant medicine - "Ayahuasca" and help share education about what to expect, how to prepare and insights into getting the most out of an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies have been used for thousands of years to heal emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments in indigenous cultures. The plant medicine experience provides deep insight into the nature of the universe, increases self-awareness, and will unlock new layers of consciousness.

They say when a person is ready to meet with the medicine, the medicine will find you... this may be that sign you have been searching for!

To further celebrate our latest movie,

"Ayahuasca - Source for the Soul", Pete & Roxy will be holding a FREE 60 minute LIVE call where they talk about the beautiful sacred medicine in detail, learning all about the ceremony, how to prepare and a deeper conversation into intentions to get the most out of a journey with the plant medicine.

Pete and Roxy have sat with mother ayahuasca 18 (Roxy) & 19 (Pete) times, and are sharing their experience to help inspire others to heal and elevate their own consciousness.

The medicine changed their life forever and they are so deeply touched by mother ayahuasca that they feel called to be an ambassador to help heal the souls on this planet for the great awakening.

You are invited to learn and educate yourself on this tangible healing modality and get the opportunity to ask questions to learn more about locations to sit in ceremony, what to expect in amore deeper conversation and how to navigate the medicine!

Message +1 (904) 966-4466

Email: peteandroxy@awakening.education

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