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A Peak Into The Portal

Premiered On Unifyd TV August 20th

Pete and Roxy are a mum and dad team from Australia, who had a MASSIVE Spiritual awakening in 2019! They had a successful 3D insurance business and understood they were here for a much larger mission and purpose! The great awakening started and so did their inner healing journey! They sold their business and went ALL IN on healing, elevating consciousness and raising their vibration. Together they enjoy the experience of human life outside of the Matrix, they juggle a small family, all while being world light leaders to the planet and humanity.

The awakening journey didn't stop there, they started to connect to higher galactic beings and started to awaken to a much bigger purpose - to help bridge the gap between earth, humanity and galactic consciousness.

Portal to the Pleiadians is a real life story of how Pete and Roxy came to telepathically communicate with extraterrestrial beings of light and remote view to an off planet star ship for healing and higher wisdom.

Meet the Pleiadians, benevolent beings from the stars, who lovingly assisted them in our awakening process. Join Pete & Roxy in this captivating and inspirational series where you'll learn how they tap into the cosmic consciousness to connect with the Pleiadians who are here to assist us in our individual healing journeys.

Pete & Roxy share their intimate and personal stories of transformation as well as their dedication to serve humanity by shedding light on this healing modality.


The Trailer

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Episode 1 Right Now For Free

3x Winner In Cannes World Film Festival 2023!!

Best Inspirational Film

Best Spiritual/ Mystical Film

Best Space Research Film


Awarded Silver In The Hollywood Independent Film Festival


Finalists for RED Movie Awards for Reims Excellence Director

Watch Episode 1 Right Now For Free

A captivating series on accessing the cosmic conscioussness, connecting with the Pleiadians and our individual healing journeys.

The Inspirational 5 Part Series

Even More On Being a Healer & An Energy Worker

Even More On Being a Healer & An Energy Worker

Watch The Trailer

Watch The Trailer

The Inspirational

5 Part Series

Even More On Being a Healer & An Energy Worker

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