Spiritual Mentor and Coach

Do you need a Coach to help you through your Awakening journey???

We have a solution for you!

Introducing Katie our amazing Spiritual Mentor and Coach!

We have opened this service up to help those of you that are feeling stuck, with no one to speak to about your life issues.... Feel safe and heard with a kind set of ears, when you are travelling through the healing process....

Introducing your amazing Spiritual Mentor, Guide and Coach! Katie is Roxy's sister! Yes that is right, after Roxy went on her awakening journey, Katie was curious and naturally had an awakening for herself...

Katie has been working with Pete and Roxy for 3 years now, unlocking many energy patters, learning consciousness and tapping into her own healing journey...

Katie is offering her services as a guide, mentor and coach, and these are the types of ways she typically works with clients:

60 minute coaching/mentoring call through the portal of zoom

Investment $175 USD

Support of your emotional process

Guidance to root causal emotions

Inner Child healing

Wellbeing support and guidance

Providing intuitive and practical direction, insights,

and support to local and international clients.

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Our purpose in life – To help raise the vibration, to help inspire and to be of Service to Humanity Globally.

We want you to know we have survived our Awakening Journey!!! and that everything you are going through is okay and “everything will be okay”!!! You are on the right path!

I was so lost on my spiritual path, I didn't have anyone to talk to and when I engaged Katie I was so pleased to have support and someone I could speak to about my emotions and relationships.

Colleen QLD, Australia

Why A Spiritual Mentoring Session?

THIS SESSION IS COMPLETED REMOTELY (through the portal of zoom)

Which means it doesn't matter where in the world you live!

Are you looking for an experienced and caring professional who can support and guide you through...

  • * A confusing or difficult time or problem

    * Dealing with issues that require clarity

    * Looking for direction in life

    * Have specific questions you want answered.

    * Require support and guidance through spiritual transitions and awakening.

    * Searching for greater purpose or meaning in life

    * Interested in learning more about spiritual and intuitive practices.

If you are looking for a professional with a straightforward, honest and compassionate approach to your situation and goals, regardless of your personal belief or non-belief system, Katie will strive to provide you with the assistance you are seeking on your awakening journey. Each session includes intuitive, spiritual and practical guidance and methods.

Katie Wild

Katie grew up as a sister of Roxanne in Australia.

Growing up had its ups and downs, like all light-workers Katie has had to go deep into her healing in the past few years...

Katie graduated high school with flourishing grades, and went on to study at university in marketing, and has been a professional boss mum since the age of 24. Katie thrives in helping people become successful and honours this awakening journey deeply within her own heart.

Having travelled through her own ups and downs, Katie has felt the calling to deepen her world service to compliment her new vibration of her authentic self.

Katie is currently offering spiritual mentoring sessions alongside of her professional career in Commercial Realestate Management. Katie has a beautiful family and is enjoying integration of all that she is learning on the awakening journey and sharing these truths with her own children to help them elevate and become the best versions of themselves.

Katie has been working and doing the deep healing work with Pete and Roxy for the past 3 years and has had a supercharged awakening experience being around their energy and is absolutely loving the unfolding of the great awakening!

Session Price = $175 USD

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